Tout Nature 14.5% 2017



Tout Nature Domaine Ledogar, natural wine, biodynamic wine, zero added sulphur, stunning, the pure taste of the south! This wine is made completely without sulphur however don't think that this makes it unstable. It ages very well and we were drinking 2009 until very recently. A slightly different blend from La Mariole Ledogar and certainly richer and deeper with savoury herbs and garrigue scents combining with dark fruit. A natural beauty!

Domaine Ledogar is a 22 hectares estate on the terroir of Corbieres Boutenac – near Carcasonne – laboured on by two brothers Xavier and Mathieu, winemakers for 4 generations. Xavier Ledogar, who has always loved nature, started working in the vineyards when he was 12. In 1997 he took over the domaine on his own and built a new cellar to start making his own wine rather than selling the fruit to the cooperative in the age old French peasant tradition. From the outset, Xavier has been committed to biodynamic production, eschewing all chemical and mechanical inputs to the point that they even use horses and donkets for ploughing and natural weed killers! The wines are stunning, so full of life and flavour and so full of deep dark fruit intensity and body.

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