King Soba Noodle Culture Organic Organic Ramen Noodle Kit with Buckwheat Ramen, Zesty Ginger Miso and Tofu 190g



King Soba presents our Organic Ramen Noodle Kit with gluten free Buckwheat Ramen, Zesty Ginger Miso Soup paste and Tofu & Spring Onion garnish.

Ready in minutes, gluten free and delicious.

Make up a warming meal in minutes. Add your favourite toppings for a tasty bowl of goodness.

Serves 1-2

Pack contains:

2 x Buckwheat Ramen Nests
2 x Sachets of Zesty Ginger Miso Soup Paste
2 x Sachets of Tofu Garnish

*Buckwheat ramen noodles (buckwheat flour water). Sachet 1: Organic ginger miso soup, soybean paste (water, organic soy beans, rice salt yeast, koji culture), *alcohol (rice salt, koji culture), *ginger powder, yeast extract powder, wakame seaweed, salt, water. Sachet 2: *freeze dried tofu, spring onions.


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