Fior D'Agerola Mozzarella 500g



Fior di latte produced in the Monti Lattari area has two special characteristics. The first is that cheesemakers use raw milk, some of it from prized Agerolese cows, the rest from Frisians. The second unique feature is that the curd is stretched at night. Souring, during which the curd acquires the bacteria that are indispensable for the product’s flavour, occurs naturally, lasting for fully 12 hours.

This is the feature that gives Fior di Latte di Agerola its unique character. The curd is then stretched late at night. The production cycle concludes with mozzatura, the skilled nipping (mozzare) of lumps of mozzarella between thumb and index finger to make cheeses of the desired size. The use of raw milk and natural souring give Fior di Latte di Agerola its distinctively fresh, milky aroma.

Please note this item is stored and shipped frozen, please allow a couple of hours for the cheese to defrost.

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