Hello, we are A Convenient Store. The online arm of the Store Group team. Perhaps you’ve met us? We’re Ancoats General Store, Stretford Foodhall and Sale’s Groceries & Beer. How’ve you been?

If you’ve visited our shops, you know we like to do things differently. We want to bring a little edge to the simple world of groceries with food and drink from manufacturers and brands we think people will love, all within a vibrant environment with some good tunes on. It’s your money, you want it to be good and you may as well enjoy the experience whilst you’re at it!

Setting up shop and honing our craft has given us the opportunity to offer a new form of shopping experience to you. We love seeing you at our places but for extra convenience, we’re now able to bring the groceries to you.

What’s your thing – low waste? Vegan? Local produce? We can hook you up. We know you’re busy, so we’ve put it all in one place for you. Handy, that.

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